Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Surviving Induction with no epidural- my version.

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Pretty much from the beginning of my pregnancy I didn't want an epidural. Hell, I was slightly considering a home birth, but then it scared me because I thought about all the "what ifs" and with it being my first pregnancy who knew what would happen. I went on the search for my midwife, but the lovely company I worked for only had midwives about 40 minutes away and I didn't want to travel that far every month and then eventually every week. Little did I know I would be seeing my doctor 2x a week the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy. Thank god I chose a wonderful doctor that was close to home.

The entire 37 weeks I was pregnant I kept in my mind I wasn't getting an epidural. I watched a lot of documentary shows about the side effects of them and I didn't want to take the chance. A close friend of mine just had a baby epi free- if she could do it so can I. My mom was epi free with me 24 years ago so why couldn't I do it? Everyone would ask me why I didn't want an epi and how crazy I was, but everyone has their own beliefs and that was mine. Let me just say, I didn't/don't push my epi free beliefs on anyone because every labor is different.

My pregnancy was pretty much perfect. Minus the glucose test I had to retake and do the 4 hour one because I failed the 1 hour- and I wanted to barf my brains out during the 4 hour. I had gained a fair amount of weight every month, nothing excessive. Every ultrasound and doctors appointment I went to was perfect.


My 33 week appointment. I went in had some swelling (nothing major since towards the end you do tend to swell) and my BP was a little high (up until then it was perfect.) The doc didn't make a big deal and said "if you start getting headaches call right away." I went home- had my last massage before the baby was here. Went to work the next morning and something felt off. I had a killer headache. I worked for a few hours and the headache wasn't subsiding, even with tylenol. I asked a few coworkers what I should do and most of them told me to call- I was being stubborn. Finally - around 11am I called and told the nurse and she asked if anything was swollen and I told her "yes, but not any worse than yesterday."  She had me come in anyway- at 2pm. I told Jeremy I was going in & I'd call him once I got home. And...that never happened. I never made it home to call him.

I had protein in my urine. My BP was sky high and I was swollen. The doctor immediately told me I was out of work the remainder of my pregnancy and I was being admitted to the hospital so they could monitor me. YESSSSS I'm out of work! Not really the way I wanted, but I didn't have to work anymore! I was admitted & ended up staying in for 4 days. During the whole 4 days it was a bit of a blur- they had to stop my contractions 2 different times- I had 2 in depth ultrasounds to measure the baby and after the 2nd one they decided to let the contractions continue and see what would happen.

They let me go home- I was on strict bed rest- couldn't do anything except shower and eat pretty much for 3 weeks! AHHHHH

So- fast forward 3 weeks later and I'm getting induced. I was totally against inductions, because once again, I didn't like what I've read about them and how it could potentially lead up to c section. I had no choice in this though. I didn't want to risk something happening to the baby because I was being stubborn.

My friend told me that it was going to be hard to get induced and not have an epi because the contractions are 100% worse than a 'normal' labor.  I was still determined.

They started the pitocin and a few hours later they broke my water. A little bit after that I was in some serious pain. It really was a blur. I remember visitors coming in & I didn't want anything to do with any of them. My meme came in and was trying to rub my back and I told her to get off. I wasn't mean to anyone though- I was just in pain and wanted to lay there to focus.

However- I was at a point that I thought I had to take the biggest poop of my life & it was hurting to breathe. I just wanted to push. I asked for an epidural. I needed one- or so I thought.

The nurse came in and I was 8cm and there was NO WAY I was getting an epidural- a little panic did set in & Jeremy later told me he was scared for me..lol. 15 minutes later I said I had to push again and sure enough I was ready! 1 hour and a few stitches later- Rylee joined the world. Epidural free. I was one proud momma.

All I have to say is: you HAVE to be determined & focused. You can't let your mind take over. Stay strong. Have people there to support YOUR decision. Don't let anyone talk you out of it because "you're crazy" for not having drugs. It's your body & your decision. Stand behind it.

It's such an amazing moment to literally feel everything happening to your body. I would do it over, over and over again.

Inspirations: Rylees Birthday

I know we're doing bright colors. I'm thinking pink, purple and lime green (that matches her bedroom too.) I'm doing cupcake theme with polka dots.

These are just some ideas that I've found and I like- plus they're DIY so a lot cheaper than buying crap!

 I love this! This would of course be a "1" and in the colors I'm doing.

Cupcake toppers!

And my favorite..cake pops!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Recap: Shopping, Eating & Having Fun!

This was a nice weekend since Jeremy was off pretty much the whole Monday for Memorial Day.

Friday we headed to Brandon because I HAD to get these brows waxed! They're starting to look better and she told me to give it a couple more months and they would be perfect. Thank god! It's so hard going an entire month without plucking them!

If you've never been to Ulta you must go! They do a great job at waxing, however; it is $20, but totally worth it. I used to go every other week and pay $7, but now I only go once a month and pay $20- it evens out for me.

We were going to get some sushi at this new place called Tsunami, but we decided to head to Kobes. It's a japanese steakhouse where they cook in front of you. We were a little scared at how Rylee would react, but she loved it! She loved seeing the fire!
Crappy cell phone picture.

Saturday We headed to Carrabba's for dinner to celebrate Jeremy's dads birthday. I don't know if I've mentioned this crazy, disgusting, rude lunatic step mother in law I have. I don't even know if those words describe her correctly. She is NUTS. She sits with her legs wide open and has no respect or manners. I hate going anywhere with her. yuck yuck yuck. Jen can vouche for me!

Sunday Rylee and I went to lunch with baby Zoey and Keri! We didn't get to stay long because she has being a cranky butt. I'm digging Panera's new steak & white  cheddar panini.

And today we had go buy another car seat for Rylee since she's growing like a weed (20lbs as of last Wednesday.) I, originally, wanted the Graco Myride, but as soon as I walked into Buy Buy Baby the sales lady says "Britax Marathon is the safest to get." I didn't even say anything about the Myride so that right there sparked a light in my head. We tested out a Safety 1st car seat, but it didn't fit well in the Yukon so we ended up getting the Marathon. Rylee loves it! I wanted the pink one (of course), but Jeremy wasn't having it so we settled with the all black. It's super nice! It was $279 in the store but there was a website for $204.99 and they price matched it! Woo!
We are not taking this up to Chicago though. We are using her infant one just in case the airport assholes workers decide to damage it and then not compensate you for it. At least if the infant one gets messed up we won't care as much. Last year when we went to Vegas they broke the cup holders off of my nieces seat. Guess what? They didn't care.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


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And follow her because she's hilarious.

Why must this weird step mom in law of mine 
insist on putting HER hands in Rylee's mouth?!
Not once, but twice.

Don't try and think you know what's wrong with my kid.
She's MINE, not YOURS.
I know what's wrong with her.

Don't tell me that I spoil my kid when you
hold her every night while she falls asleep.
*ahem* husband *ahem*
See? This is proof!

My mom bought me a cookie last night from
Panera Bread & let me just say it was the 
BEST thing I've ever had from there.
Trish is lucky I like her because I would NOT have shared!

And just because she's just so darn cute..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Target Tuesday! Beauty products!

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Because I'm in desperate need of a new hair dryer. 
Chi & Pink
What else could I ask for in a hair dryer?


My flat iron is about to take a big dump in the grave. 
It's been a long while as a dear friend, 
but it's time to give her up and trade her in for a new model.

Jen showed me these the other day when she found some!
I want these now
So cute & they have so many different designs.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wifey of the year?

First- I think my luck is finally starting to turn around! I've won two giveaways this past week. Want to know what they are? Here you go:
A super cute pink tool set! 
I always need tools around the house 
& this way Jeremy can't steal mine :P

And an adorable headband! Not this exact one though.
Of course, for Rylee :)

Anyways, on to my "wifey of the year post.."

Yesterday we were at Bass Pro and a salesman came up to us and I immediately thought "ugh, go away. We don't want to buy anything." Jeremy is such a sucker so we went over & chatted. He told us about this 3 day 2 night getaway we could buy for $4.00. Yep, you read right, $4.00! Now I'm thinking "okay, hurry up and tell me more!" Everyone knows I love vacations. You have 13 different locations you can pick. Our top two are: Branson, MO & St. Augustine, Fl. 
We are thinking Branson because it's a HUGE fishing spot and Jeremy has always wanted to go. And, let's just face it, I don't really care too much on where we go as long as I get to relax by a pool or shop. (trying to get better on this though!) How beautiful does that look?

And, we are thinking St. Augustine because it's a short drive & we wouldn't have to buy plane tickets. Plus, I've never been!

We have a year to use this vacation. So, you're probably wondering how we bought it for $4.00? Well, It was really $129, but Bass Pro gave us a $25 gift card yesterday and if we book before June 21st we get another $25 BP Gift card & after we get to the spot we're going they give us a $75 GC. So, that equals out to be $125. Jeremy buys so much from Bass Pro so it just makes sense for us, but probably not anyone that doesn't shop there.  Hopefully that wasn't too confusing. 

I looked up plane tickets for Branson & they are pretty expensive, like $600 for two round trip expensive. Since he really wants to go I would love to surprise him with this. Problem? When should I do this? I'm not buying the tickets now because we're going to Chicago in two weeks & then 3 weeks after that we're headed to D.C. We thought about going for our anniversary in November, but I'd really love to surprise him with 2 plane tickets! What a hard decision.

Anyways, I'm stoked! : )

Beach Day!

We went to the beach on Saturday! It was a lot of fun! I wasn't quite sure how Rylee would like it, but she did great! We stayed for about 3 hours. She even took a nice little nap until these obnoxious people sat right on top of us & was being loud.

 "What's this mama?" 
Love her chubby cheekies & big belly! Eekk

Friday, May 20, 2011

I confess


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I confess...

Yesterday Rylee & I were playing outside on the blanket & a big, nasty, scary beetle came from nowhere and was on the blanket. That's when I decided it was time to go inside. Yes, I hate ALL bugs.
See? We were happily playing..
Then this showed up..

I confess...

 I very rarely cook dinner. Yes, I'm at home all day, but who wants to be at home and then cook dinner? Not me. Last night I did cook pork chops, cauliflower & spinach! Then we had delish brownies for dessert!

I confess...

Rylee loves Diesel's paws for some weird reason. She definitely has a slight obsession.
 She's thinking hard about what to do...
Then...bam..face plant!
I confess...

IT'S THE WEEKEND and I'm super excited!
- Going to the beach tomorrow with Jen
-Spending some quality time with Jeremy!
-Going to my niece's 2nd birthday party!
I confess...
I had to take a million pictures just to get one I liked. 
 I have a major problem with closing my eyes.

 But look how adorable she is!

Have a lovely weekend guys!  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I absolutely LOVE Shutterfly!
I think they have the best deals & I always go to them first before looking at any other site.

I have ordered Christmas, Father's Day & Mother's Day cards from them! I also have ordered every single monthly photobook for Rylee. They are such awesome quality!

Since I'm already planning Rylee's one year birthday party- I've been looking at invites! Look how cute some of these are:

You can have your chance at winning 50 free cards from them if you go here!

I Love..

 I figured after my "I need" post the other day-
I needed to back it up with what I love about my life.

I Love my family.
I consider Jeremy, Rylee & Diesel to be my family now.

I Love that I'm a mom.

I Love that I'm still breastfeeding after 7.5 months.
This is a huge accomplishment- all my breastfeeding mama's will know!

I Love that I'm able to be a stay at home mom.

I Love that Jeremy works his booty off to let me stay home.

I Love that he makes a lot of money fishing.
After all, someone something has to support my shopping addiction.

I Love that I'm a "young mom".

I Love that I'm still trying to finish school.
Even if it does take me 8 years..hopefully not though!

I Love my ass.

I Love the color of my eyes.

I Love that Rylee knows who her mama is!
And- let me add- always wants me ; )

I Love that this used to be me:
I met this wonderful guy.
we were practicing to get married.
this is what we would look like as a family.
we get married!
we go on an awesome honeymoon!
we have our last official NYE together as the two of us.
Let me say: that was the BEST NYE EVER!
we're pregnant!
we meet the most important, cutest, 
sweetest little baby in the world.
and now
I have my beautiful family.


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